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Blessing, not a burden!

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

2/3 Don't Do This: Body

Mindfulness starts with Mind.. but it goes far beyond that. Remember to take care of the #physical aspects of life too.

❤️The physical world is not inferior to the mental, emotional or spiritual world. The physical world forms the foundation on top of which you build the mental, emotional and spiritual. All of them are inextricably linked and equally important. We cannot spend all our time and energy only working on the constructing the top most floors of a sky-scraper- we need to work on our base too- That’s what sustains us.

💛”Fix your thoughts to fix your life”- Well, yes and no. You cannot #meditate your way out of bad #health or lack of #sleep, and still have a job and a family and live in this very real world. Yes, you can get a better perspective about life and get better at life skills but you still have to put things into motion. Yes, you can work on your thoughts and let the changes in your thoughts trickle down into your actions. But there is no substitute for action itself.

🧡Our bodies are not dispensable parts of the equation. They are not burdens, they are blessings. They deserve love and care. That’s why you need to have a friendly relationship with your body: Listen to its cues, it is far more intelligent that we give it credit for. Instead of fighting against it and wondering why it’s tired all the time or craving sugar or not sleepy on time, etc- make sure you are providing it with the necessary support and structure for it to flourish. Work on your mind, thoughts, beliefs- but at the same time, dedicate time and effort to nourishing your body, fixing your posture, practising restorative yoga, taking deep breaths, etc. All of it matters.

💚The reverse is also true: As you practice #mindfulness, if you feel called to change how to interact with the world or how you take care of yourself and your loved ones, or how you work or how you show up in relationships- follow those callings too- use every opportunity to solidify the ripples of #mental, emotional and #spiritual change in your real, physical world too. 🪷

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