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Mindful Eating

Too often, we do our daily activities on auto-pilot. We are rushing from one task to the next, or we are distracted, but we are hardly paying attention. This also extends to our eating habits. We tend to binge-eat, not eat on time, eat too much or eat too little. As a result, we are disconnected from our food and consequently, our own bodies. After all, we are what we eat and how we eat it. We can choose to replace this automatic, unconscious habit with a healthier, more conscious way of consuming food. This will allow us to engage more deeply with our food, attune to our bodily needs and also appreciate it more.

Here’s a trick: Throughout the day/week, eat and drink with your opposite hand. So, if you are left-handed, use your right-hand and vice versa. Eating with the opposite hand will slow you down and be more aware of the process of eating.

Notice any resistance that comes up- are you feeling frustrated because you have something else to do? Do you tend to eat in a hurry on most days but today you cannot? Do you generally watch TV or browse through your phone while eating? This activity will force you to pay attention.

Observe your thoughts- they will highlight your relationship with food and, in general, your attitude towards unlearning-relearning fixed, old patterns.

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