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Let’s Talk About Self-Worth!


We live in times when everything is measured against the yardstick of productivity. When we work, how we work, when we rest, how long we sleep- everything is decided based on it’s contribution to material goals.

There are studies and survey results that show why you should rest, take breaks, go on that vacation, sleep for more than 7 hours, etc. We measure our worthiness along the lines of:

🛌 If we sleep for more than 7 hours, it will increase our productivity.

📖 If we take breaks between study hours, we retain more information.

🏖 If we take 2 weeks off every year, we perform better at work.

All these are valid reasons to embrace Self-Love and take sufficient rest. However, I’m here to request you today to think along slightly different lines:

❤️I will take a break- just because 🤷🏻‍♀️

🧡I will give myself enough sleep- because I’m worthy of adequate rest- in and of itself😴

💛Instead of believing that you have to EARN your breaks, rest and Self-Care, how about you indulge yourself just like that?

💚You take care of yourself not as a means to an end, but as the end goal itself?

💙You take a break- NOT because you worked really hard and HENCE, deserve it. You just take a break- without taking your past or future productivity, results or economics into consideration.

💜You are important just because you exist, not because of what you do, earn or spend- this is not a message you hear often: You have earned the right to take care of yourself by just simply being- no justification or explanation needed.

💖 You do not need to rely on anyone else- your boss, society, teachers, peers- to tell you what care, rest, sleep, etc you deserve- you can decide that for yourself.

💝Tune into your mind, body and heart, find out how you want and need to be taken care of- then do it. It doesn’t have to a big gesture. It doesn’t have to be costly. It doesn’t have to follow the latest online trend. You don’t even need to post about it. You don’t need anyone’s permission.

🪷 Comment/Affirm:

I am worthy of Love & Care just as I am, just because I am 🪷

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