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Maun or silence is not limited to being quiet in the outside world. It means much more than the non-movement of lips. True bliss can be attained only when restlessness is no longer present, when we are silent inside and out.

That being said, maintaining silence outside is a very effective way of conserving energy, becoming aware of our impulses, specially of speech and focusing on our inner world. There is nothing wrong about talking and sharing.

Community is an essential aspect of human life. Being able to communicate our feelings and thoughts with others makes us feel seen and acknowledged. However, we need to find a happy medium even in our social interactions. We should be in a position where we consciously choose what and when we want to share with others.

Sit with the silence, and notice what surfaces in you. Is it discomfort? Is it the fear of missing out? Is it loneliness? Were you using communication as a distraction?

Throughout your day, make a deliberate effort to stay quiet as much as possible. You do not have to compromise on essential communication such as for work, or with family. Instead, the aim is to become aware of what is and what is not essential.

  • This exercise is not just limited to spoken word. Apply the same principal to sending text messages, or posting and interacting on social media. If you wish, you can write down your thoughts and feelings for the day and sift through them the next day. See which of them were essential, which of them you still want to go through with and which of those you simply no longer want to convey.

  • Make sure you communicate to your closed ones in advance that you will be practicing this. Most of us are not comfortable with other's silence either. This is a test for them as much as it is for you.

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