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Spiritual Bypass?

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Dont Do This! 3/3

💜We don’t practice #meditation or #mindfulness to bypass reality. #Affirmations are not used to deny your current reality. Practising #gratitude does not imply sticking around in unhealthy environments. These practises are meant to improve the quality of our lives. Instead of working on auto-pilot, we consciously envision and create out reality. But we never turn a blind eye to what is. We feel what we are meant to feel. We use intellect where that is needed. And we meditate or practice other forms of mindfulness when we feel drawn to. None is a replacement to the others.

💙Too often, we start believing that we are morally superior to our past selves or to others who don’t meditate or practice mindfulness. That’s not true- every human experience is valuable- the struggle, the chaos, the ups and downs. The entire spectrum of human emotions is valid and makes sense for the person experiencing it. These are different approaches to solve the same problem- if it has become a problem for you at all. You choose the path that you feel drawn to- but there is no morality associated with it. #Non-judgment is an important pillar of our practice. Please do not look down upon or shun yourself or anyone else who does not or cannot meditate, or is struggling with anger, grief, etc. or is too busy with their lives or work, etc.

💚Mindfulness sounds like a solitary practice. You meditate on your own, you do the exercises on your own, introspection asks you to dive deeper inside yourself and work on your innermost thoughts and feelings. But that does not mean that solitude is better or preferable over #community. Inner work has its own place in life and social interactions have their own place. There are lessons and experiences you can only have in the presence of others or through meaningful interactions. Make sure you focus on cultivating healthy interdependence too. Examples are: Love and kindness should be directed outwards as much as inwards. Setting boundaries is as important as forgiveness and letting go. Most of us will not live our lives as monks, so detachment is as important as recognising and fostering #mindfulRelationships.

We’re all in this together 🪷

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